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"Happy Few" Organise a small group reception !

You want to gather your family and/or friends to celebrate your wedding, your birthday or another happy event ? In a small committee ?

The Domaine de Chanille, a vast 18th century property, recently renovated with finesse and talent, gives you the opportunity to host your event in a chic countryside atmosphere, with its multiple assets : a 19 hectares-parkfor your pastoral non-denominational ceremony under bi-centenary cedar trees, a courtyard surrounded by stone buildings to have an unforgettable cocktail with your guests, a covered hall that is ideal for a gourmet buffet, a 200m²-reception room to have dinner and danse under the monumental wooden carpentry, an oven to enjoy wood-fired pizzas, a room dedicated to children so they can party at their own pace...

This majestic, calm and idyllic place provides every expected deliveries to have an unforgettable day !

Domaine de Chanille’s team is at your service : with more than 30 years of experience, we guide and help you throughout all your organisation. This is a guarantee of quality and tranquility.

We have conceived 4 different Happy Few offers for you, according to your personality, your needs and your budget : 50 guests maximum (children included).

Furniture and caretaker included (catering not included)

You would like to get married on a week-end ?

- Saturday from 9AM to 2AM up to 50 guests: 4 940€

- Staurday from 9AM to 00AM up to 50 guests : 4 440€

You would like to get married on a weekday (Tuesday to Thursday) ?

- During the day, from 9AM to 00AM, up to 50 guests : 4 440€

- During the day, from 9AM to 22PM, up to 50 guests : 3 440€

- Options :

Secular ceremony : privatisation of the park, wooden benches included 750€

Brunch on the following day from 9AM to 6PM : 2 200€

The art gallery for a maximum of 20 kids – 300€ the day + cleaning fees.

- Accomodations :

Prestige suite (2 people) for 1 or 2 nights 390€ + housekeeping fees.

Junior suite (2 people) the night 100€ + housekeeping fees.

If you have more the 50 guests, please have a look at our other offers or contact us for a customized quote.

Your reception will be secured by our caretaker (on site all night).

Valérie Vachon : 06 13 61 55 04



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